The Kazakh Research Institute of Eye Diseases (KazNII) is an innovative clinic for the treatment of visual organs pathologies based on its own research, has been operating since 1933.

The institute combines a Clinic for patients, as well as a training center for practical personnel training for the entire ophthalmological service of the Republic of Kazakhstan by arranging improvement and retraining cycles, as well as being a clinical base for the departments of ophthalmology of a number of universities.

Every year the specialists of the institute provide highly qualified assistance to about 6,000 patients with severe ophthalmopathology, about 8,000 operations are carried out.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, street Tole bi, 95a.
The ophthalmological center "International Center for the Protection of Vision" (IOCH) was founded in Almaty by Zhazykbaeva Kuralai Tursynbekovna - an Ophthalmologist of the International Category, an expert in functional diagnostics in ophthalmology.

The Ophthalmological Center today is:
• A modern ophthalmological clinic, equipped with the latest unique German and Japanese equipment for performing microsurgical operations, diagnostics and treatment;
• Selection and implementation of the optimal vision correction method;
• Adult ophthalmology;
• Children's ophthalmology.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Timiryazeva street, 15 "B".
The Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (the official name of the organization is the Leningrad Regional State Budgetary Healthcare Institution Children's Clinical Hospital, in brief as LOGBUZ DKB) is a Russian
State Medical Institution that has been providing high-tech and specialized medical care (inpatient and outpatient) to the children since 1988.

The polyclinic provides advisory specialized assistance. More than 50,000 patients are admitted to the CDC per year. More than 12,000 patients receive treatment on 409 beds annually, about 6,000 operations are carried out, 171 of them are high-tech.

Address: RF, city of St. Petersburg, street Komsomol, building 6.
The Republican Family Medical Center (RSVC) is one of the largest Private Multifaceted Medical Centre in Almaty, founded in 1999.

Over the years, the PMMC has gone from a highly specialized clinic to a high-class multidisciplinary medical center. Today the clinic provides a wide range of medical services. The Center capacity is up to 500 people per day. The medical center is equipped with a diagnostic base with the most modern technology for examining the body and detecting diseases of various organs and systems at an early stage (ultrasound and laboratory studies, X-ray diagnostics).

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, street Aiteke bi, 83.
The Municipal Perinatal Center is a State - owned Municipal Enterprise on the right of economic management of the Health Department in Almaty city. The center renders professional and highly skilled obstetric-gynecological and Neonatological care for pregnant women, women in labor and women at high risk, as well as for the care of premature babies and newborns with pathology of the newborn period.

The Municipal Perinatal Center was founded in 1991. Mustafayev Saduakas Umbetalievich was the first chief physician Municipal Perinatal Center.

Hospital stock was 290 beds, 270 beds among them were budget beds. Every year, the Center hosts more than 8 thousand births, 20% of them are preterm birth.

Address: Str. Zhubanov 11, Auezov district, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.
"Center for Children's Emergency Medical Care" Unitary Enterprise based on the Right of Economic Management of the Health Department of Almaty has been functioning since 1965 as the United Children's Hospital No. 1, includes an 800-bed hospital, 4 children's polyclinics.

The Children's Emergency Medical Care Center is the largest multidisciplinary clinic that provides round-the-clock qualified specialized and highly skilled medical and diagnostic assistance in an emergency and planned manner to the children of Almaty and the whole Republic. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment corresponding to the latest technology.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, street Manas, 40.
«Konovalov Ophthalmology Center» is an international ophthalmology clinic operating in Russia and Kazakhstan. The leading surgeon of the clinic is Mikhail Konovalov, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, doctor of the highest category, follower of Academician Fedorov S.N., member of the Italian Ophthalmological Society, who had performed more than 24 thousand microsurgical operations in Russia, Italy and Kazakhstan.

In creating the Almaty center, professor Konovalov and his team tried to realize all the experience, which was accumulated over the years of work in various institutions in Russia and Kazakhstan, gathering all the best, which separately was peculiar to Fedorov Institute and the elite European clinic, making all this available to any Kazakhstani citizen.

One of the leading centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which performs various diagnostic services and quality operations.

Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city, 93/1 Kurmangazy street (corner of Amangeldy street).
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