Our clinic is properly equipped with necessary and state-of-the-art equipment to make complete examination and accurate diagnosis.
Huvitz Co., Ltd 7000 Sign Projector
Country of origin: South Korea.

It is used to determine visual acuity, color vision, binocular vision, astigmatism.
Country of origin: South Korea.

Enables to measure refraction parameters (the ability to clearly visualize distant objects) with high accuracy. It will help in detecting the time of tear layer rupture and in assessing the state of the glands at the edges of the eyelids.

HRK-9000А Huvitz Autorefkeratometer

Country of origin: South Korea.

It is applied to measure near visual acuity, color perception and selection of spectacle and contact correction.

HDR-9000 Ophthalmic Phoropter

HNT -1/1P Huvitz Co., Ltd Non-contact tonometer

Country of origin: South Korea.

It enables to measure intraocular pressure, measures the thickness of the cornea.
Country of origin: South Korea.

It is applied to diagnose eye diseases.

HS - 5000 Huvitz Co., Ltd Slit Lamp

Vantage Plus LED Indirect Ophthalmoscope
Country of origin: United Kingdom.

It is applied to examine the retina. Allows you to examine small children.
Panoramic ophthalmoscope P200T Daytona
Country of origin: United Kingdom.

It enables to detect deep changes in the retina, optic nerve and blood vessels of the eye.

OCT DRI Triton plus 3D optical coherence tomography

Countryof origin: Japan.

It enables to get a detailed cut of the retina and optic nerve central zone. The examination gives the same result as a brain MRI.
Country of origin: China.

A portable device for the rapid detection of visual impairment in patients 6 months and older.
Autorefractometer for children
Miis Horus scope DEC-100 Digital eye fundus camera
Country of origin: Taiwan.

A camera with the function to record digital photographs of the fundus, including the retina, followed by image processing in screening mode.
Country of origin: Australia.

It enables to judge the size of the eye and all its structures. It detects the vitreous body destruction, various intraocular formations, retinal separation.

Ultrasound diagnostic devices for axial scanning in Eye One Ophthalmology